Once Upon a Time Spoiler Spill: Victoria Smurfit to Join the Show







Once Upon a Time usually likes to keep their spoilers under wraps, especially when it comes to what they have planned for future episodes. But Victoria Smurfit recently revealed two things on Twitter (before hastily deleting, of course!) that the writers of the show probably wanted to keep under wraps for at least a little while longer: not only is the actress joining the show in season 4, but she will be playing Cruella de Vil! The show’s writers hinted that there would be a new villain in the second half of season 4, and it seems that the villain will be none other than the animal-hating, cruelty-loving Cruella.

Victoria Smurfit may be familiar to viewers who watched the ill-fated NBC series, Dracula. She played a mysterious and talented vampire hunter who fell in love, unknowingly, with Dracula and was ultimately killed by him. And given her ‘Dracula’ character’s spiky nature, Smurfit may be just the perfect fit for Cruella.

Although we do know who she is playing, the writers of Once Upon a Time have not yet revealed what connection—if any—Cruella may have to the current residents of Storybrooke. Given past precedent on the show, however, it’s more than likely that she will have a connection to either the Charmings, Regina, or Rumpelstiltskin. Some fan theories have suggested that perhaps Cruella will be the “other” aunt of Elsa and Anna, who disappeared during their parent’s childhood. This does seem plausible, although Once Upon a Time does not usually like to drag its story arcs past a half season, and making Cruella the “other” sister might require Elsa and Anna to stick around for longer.

Other theories created by fans are suggesting that Cruella may be a vindictive and power-hungry seamstress who will do anything it takes to get that “perfect” material for a coat, even if “whatever it takes” means hurting other people. This theory seems plausible at the outset, but it’s unlikely the writers will make a “big bad” have such a simple desire.

Another popular theory was brought up by fans who noticed the fact that Jiminy Cricket has a dog named Pongo in Storybrooke. Although the name was likely just a nod to the Disney film initially, the writers may decide to incorporate Pongo into Cruella’s story or even incorporate Pongo’s owner, Jiminy Cricket, into the fray. Learn more right over here.