Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie

Lovingly dubbed “Brangelina” by fans, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have been one of the hottest couples in Hollywood since their relationship was first speculated in 2005. About a decade ago when Brad Pitt left his then-wife, Jennifer Aniston, people quickly began speculating that him and Jolie were in a relationship. First, it was thought to be wishful thinking after fans raved about the couple’s chemistry when they played husband and wife in Mr. & Mrs. Smith. It wasn’t until a picture was snapped of Pitt and Jolie on a three-day getaway that there relationship was confirmed.


Even after the photo surfaced, the couple denied their relationship, and Angelina insisted that nothing had happened between them, especially while Pitt was married to Aniston. Angelina went as far as saying that her mother had suffered from infidelity, and she would never put someone through that.

While it’s still unknown when exactly their relationship started, Brangelina will be celebrating their first wedding anniversary in August of this year. The couple was engaged for many years before finally tying the knot in a secret French ceremony last year. All six children were present and got to decorate Jolie’s veil.

Now 39, Jolie admitted in a recent interview that raising all of the kids was hard. She said that her and Pitt (51) work hard to make sure they are all connected. Out of their six children, three of them were adopted internationally. Jolie has always been open about her love for charity, and often participates in humanitarian efforts for children around the world. Jolie said recently that her actress salary funds her real love for participating in various organizations and charities.

As far as Pitt’s personal life goes, he said that most of his time is also devoted to keeping their family close. Pictures of the group surface regularly, and they all show what looks to be a happy, close-knit family. In a recent interview, Pitt said he was proud to be a father and said they went to great lengths to make sure the six kids were happy about his relationship with Jolie. While no more kids have been announced, fans are hoping that another one will be added to the mix soon.

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As a couple, it seems with their hidden relationship, long-time hidden engagement, and their secret wedding ceremony last year, Brangelina can keep their private lives private. Unlike most of the Hollywood stars, neither Pitt nor Jolie have been involved in any gossipy scandals, but fans still love to spread rumors.

Some fans who apparently aren’t a fan of the duo have been steadily posting rumors of them planning a divorce, fighting in public, and cheating on each other. While these rumors have been quickly disproved by the various photos of the happy family going out and about, some blogs are still trying.

While in Australia, a few people claimed to catch what appeared to be a serious argument between the couple, with some reports even adding that they were on a vacation at the time trying to save their marriage. But, this juicy gossip was disproved, too, after multiple cameras from actual sources caught Pitt and Jolie looking like newlyweds again at their daughters’ soccer game. It seems the only thing cameras can catch is kisses, hugs, and the two of them holding hands.

There’s really no wonder why the couple is doing so well, after all, they were in a relationship for a decade before they finally made it official. Now, the much-loved duo is set to take their love on the big screen and co-star in the upcoming film, By The Sea. Pitt is set to play Roland, the husband of Vanessa (Jolie). The movie will be a drama film set in the 1970s directed by none other than Jolie herself. The movie already has viewers and fans of Pitt and Jolie lining up, but it won’t release until later this year.brad-pitt-and-angelina-jolie-later-in-marriage

Until it comes time for fans to watch the relationship on the big screen, fans will just have to keep entertaining themselves with the dozens of rumors that seem to be released weekly.

Despite the fact that Jolie and Pitt have been rather quiet about their relationship and everything going on in their personal lives, it appears that they are just as happy as “Brangelina” fans want them to be. And on the rare occasions when Pitt and Jolie do release details with inside interviews, they always start and end on a positive note.