Scariest Episodes of Are You Afraid of the Dark

Are You Afraid of the Dark, which aired from 1991 to 2000, spanned a total of 7 seasons and entertained viewers young and old with some thrills, chills—and, yes, even some cheesiness. Although not every episode of this 90s horror anthology show has stood the test of time, there are still many episodes which can scare the pants off kids, kids at heart, and just plain old adults. Which episodes of Are You Afraid of the Dark? We will have you answering with a resounding “YES!”? Let’s take a look!

apt214 The Tale of Apartment 214

This episode may not seem scary in its synopsis: a lonely girl befriends a lonely old woman named Madeline, only to break a promise to meet her one afternoon to hang out with new friends her own age, which results in Madeline (who is, of course, a ghost) becoming angry with her. What’s so scary about an old woman, even a ghostly one? In short: everything! The character of Madeleine might be sweet when she’s happy, but once you get her mad? You’ll be cringing behind your blankets at how terrifying she can be! Thankfully, this episode does have a happy ending… as long as Madeline is never angered again.

quicksilver The Tale of the Quicksilver

You’ll never look at the letter “Q” the same way again. In this particularly creepy tale, a demon haunts the home of a newly-moved in family, seeking the souls (and lives) of the children inside. What is particularly creepy about this episode is the effectiveness of the demon’s make-up, and the fact that his evil presence is always preceded by something so simple… a “Q” on the wall. This episode will make you want to skip from “P” right to “R!”

clown The Tale of the Crimson Clown

This episode was a real nightmare for anyone with even a passing anxiety about clowns. This particularly dark episode tells the story of two brothers, one of whom (who, it must be admitted, was a total brat) is terrified by a sinister clown doll that wants to teach him a deadly lesson about being terrible to his family. The lesson is learned, but not enough can be said about the absolutely creepiness of this small, purple haired clown doll, who behaves and looks like he belongs more in it than a children’s show. Jump over here to find more information about great entertainment options.

The Facts of Life TV Series

factsoflifeI miss the 80’s sometimes.  I miss that most TV shows during this time had theme songs with actual lyrics.  They were fun and fast and entertaining.  Some even had a run on the Top 40 Pop Charts.  Not all were record setters, however, but they all had to be catchy and light-hearted.

The Facts of Life had that type of theme song.  I can hear it in my head whenever I happen to think about the show.  That’s not often but it makes me smile when it happens.  It doesn’t seem like much of guy show since it took place at an all female boarding school in New York State but I had to kind of watch what my older sister was watching and once we got into it, we always seemed to watch it when it was on.


The characters were well defined on The Facts of Life.  A spin-off of the highly successful Diff’rent Strokes, they had to have some solid tie to that show so they had it feature Mrs. Garret, the housekeeper from there.  She became the housemother of a dormitory of a private girl’s school.  The show centered around several of the girls living there and over the course of 9 seasons and 209 episodes, many different stories and characters were featured.

The main girls featured for much of its run were Blair, the stuck up rich girl, Jo, the tomboy tough one, Natalie, the chubby heavy set girl with a sweet personality and Tootie, played by Kim Fields.  The latter’s character was also seen in more episodes of Diff-rent Strokes than the other girls.  I liked that cross over with the other show.  It was exciting when they all appeared in different episodes.


Juggling that many characters and plotlines was difficult at first and after the first season, they cut most of the other girls down until we got those four main ones.  And Mrs. Garrett of course.  She was backbone of the show, the wise old mother that kept everyone in line and listened to them when they needed to vent or gave them advice when they needed that. Click right here for information about getting cable television so you can watch reruns of this great show.

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Samsung Galaxy S IV

Samsung Galaxy S4
Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4 Samsung’s latest smartphone is getting good reviews. The Galaxy S IV is on par with the quality and user-friendly features Samsung is known for, but there is a little extra in this phone. It has one feature that seems to be of particular interest- eye scrolling. Samsung representatives are quick to say that the phone is another quality product from Samsung, even without this latest feature, but the feature certainly doesn’t hurt.

At the very least, the eye scrolling feature gets technology that much closer to a completely integrated experience for the user. By using the line of sight for the user, the phone makes it even more convenient for the mother feeding a child or the exercise buff on his or her walking equipment. By the same token, it can prove to be a challenge to watch eye movements enough to make sure the screen is controlled.

The phone locks on the user’s eyes and tracks where they go, allowing users to scroll with their line of sight. The example was given of a user reading an article and reaching the bottom of the screen. The scrolling feature automatically turns the page or scrolls forward to additional text. In addition to the hands-free reading, it also watches the user so that the lights on the screen won’t dim before the user puts it down.

This feature is also on the Samsung Galaxy S III, which has also received high praises from users. Of course, with the already raging debate concerning online and user privacy, a phone that watches the user may come under scrutiny. Users should be careful in downloading apps, making sure to read the EULA for each program. They can also set the privacy settings on their phones so that they are in control over who has access to their content.






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Fisher started practicing law in 1987 but opened his own practice in 2007. He now owns and practices with Fisher Stark Cash, P.A., which has also garnered an AV rating. Mr. Fisher has tried more than jury trials to verdict, offering his present and future clients the full benefit of that experience.

The AV Preeminent Peer Review Rating is a practice that was started in the 1800s by James Martindale. Since its beginning the Peer Review Rating has been a trusted indicator for those looking for a professional and honest lawyer. The review is not done by nomination or donation. It cannot be bought or influenced by wealth or social standing. It is earned through the anonymous peer reviews of fellow lawyers and the presiding judges who have seen the attorney in action.

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Baltimore Podiatrist Treats Toenail Fungus With PinPointe Laser

Dr. Mark E. Spier, who has been certified by the American Board of Podiatric surgery, was the first provider in the Baltimore, Maryland area to use the PinPointe FootLaser treatment. This treatment is used specifically for the eradication of toe nail fungus infections. Dr. Spier is now celebrating his fourth year of using this treatment. Dr Spier is considered to be one of the top podiatrists in the Baltimore Maryland area.

Onychomycosis, or toenail fungus, affects as much as 14 percent of the US population, mostly affecting those that are 60 or over. It can be contracted through usage of public pools or locker rooms or by wearing tight fitting footwear. Toenail fungus can cause thickening and discoloration of the nail and surrounding tissue.

Other treatments for this condition have included topical and oral medications but they do not work as effectively or as quickly as the PinPointe FootLaser. Traditional medications can be incomplete in treating the infection, leaving the patient to have to repeat treatments over an extended period of time. The FootLaser treatment can work in as little as one to three visits.

Dr. Spier has used the laser to treat more than 2000 patients in the various locations of his Baltimore practices for the last four years. Patients have reported being pleased with the convenience and minimal time of the treatments. Most treatments can be done in as little as 30 minutes, causing only minor discomfort. In many cases, patients were able to get their treatments done on their lunch breaks.

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About Dr. Spier:

Dr. Mark E. Spier attended the Pennsylvania College of Podiatric Medicine. It is now called the Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine. He earned his B.S. in Microbiology and started his own practice in 1985. He currently serves as a member of the Council for Nail Disorders. Dr. Spier enjoys running and golfing. He is married with two children.