NCIS Los Angeles TV Series

Crime, its investigation and the final cracking of the case, with criminals being apprehended at the end, make the perfect elements for a TV serial that would keep the viewers totally intrigued. The American TV show NCIS Los Angeles fits this bill completely. The seventh season of this series premiered on September 21, 2015. The military drama was first aired in 2009 by the name of NCIS on CBS.

From the 'NCIS Los Angeles Don't Mess With Santa'
From the ‘NCIS Los Angeles Don’t Mess With Santa’

NCIS Los Angeles is based on the activities of the agents of Naval Criminal Investigation Services (NCIS). It is a completely fictional show and follows the escapades of the officials of the Office of Special Projects (OSP), a special secret division of the NCIS, based in Los Angeles. These hardcore criminal investigators have complete expertise in conducting an undercover investigation of criminal cases that are tough to crack.

The NCIS Los Angeles team has all the latest technology and weapons and do whatever needs to be done to apprehend those elements who are a threat to the security of the nation. The creator of the show is Shane Brennan and the show has a large main cast as well as recurring cast.

Eric Christian Olsen is 'Marty Deeks'
Eric Christian Olsen is ‘Marty Deeks’

The most important members of OSP are G. Callen and Sam Hanna. They are partners, and both have been shown to be street kids who have gradually reached this position in the NCIS. Daniela Ruah is Special Agent Kensi Blye, a forensic and firearms expert. She is also the girlfriend and partner of Detective Marty Deeks played by Eric Christian Olsen. Linda Hunt is Special Agent Henrietta Lange. She is the officer in-charge at OSP. It is Henrietta who is the Operations Manager of this clandestine organization. Miguel Ferrer plays the part of Special Agent Owen Granger, who is the Assistant Director of NCIS. Barrett Foa is Eric Beale, who functions as a technician in NCIS. The character of Nell Jones is enacted by Renee Felice Smith. Nell’s partner is Eric. He is much favored by Hetty. He works with the NCIS team in the capacity of an Intelligence Analyst.

With many twists and turns in each episode, the NCIS, Los Angeles OSP team fights the worst of the law breakers and the offenders. The Los Angeles Times called the show “intriguing” and “multifaceted”. The show, like its predecessors, has the team as its focus, which is a nice mix of people, with varied personalities.

Daniela Ruah is 'Kensi Blye'
Daniela Ruah is ‘Kensi Blye’

The show has been executive produced by Shane Brennan as well. The show has been popular among young audiences and has the cast and the show itself has won multiple Teen Choice Awards across the years.

There are negative reviews for the show as well, terming it as just ”another above average entry” and that ”it all adds up to an hour of decent entertainment, and there’s enough room for character development..” Though the popularity of the show has also gone down, yet there is no doubt that those who love action will continue to be glued to their seats while watching this action drama. When you sign up for one of these Charter Cable Packages you will never miss an episode of NCIS Los Angeles.

Chris O'Donnell is 'G. Callen' in NCIS LAChris O'Donnell is 'G. Callen' in NCIS LA
Chris O’Donnell is ‘G. Callen’ in NCIS LA