Your Internet Usage Affects Your Choice of Internet Service Provider


The Internet has so much to offer. You can watch your TV entertainment, connect with your friends, and even study online. There is so much to do and it all comes down to the kind of Internet you have. There are certain online activities that do not require high Internet speeds, and not so much for others.

What you do online should be the deciding factor in choosing the right Internet connection. Let’s find out what you should look for in your Internet service provider depending on your online behavior.

Web Surfing and Emails Only

If you primarily indulge in these two activities, then you are a light Internet user. You do not need high speed Internet connections because you will never use the high bandwidth available to you. Do not waste your money there. Instead, go for a DSL connection that will give you speeds of up to 25 Mbps, which is more than enough for you. Look for plans that offer 10 to 20 GB data per month.

Paying for unlimited plans is again a waste of money for a light Internet user like you. One factor that you do have to consider here is the number of devices that will be connected to that one Internet connection. Make sure that all the devices are using the Internet for light surfing otherwise you may go over your data cap and incur extra charges.

Using Online Social Networks

Social Networks are hugely popular today. From posting pictures to uploading videos, you will engage in everything when it comes to social media. To visit such websites, or any other pages that have interactive content, you will need speeds of at least 1Mbps. These are just browsing speeds.

When finalizing an Internet service provider, do ask them about the upload speeds they offer. Usually Internet service providers focus the download speeds more, but in case of social networking, you will want better upload speeds as well.

Music Streaming

Music streaming is not as hefty as video streaming. If you stream music regularly, all you need is an Internet service provider that can offer you 1-2Mbps speeds. If you are streaming on mobile, you may need a little higher Internet speed to get the same kind of quality of music.


Streaming Videos Online

Now, we are entering the domain of heavy data usage. The higher the Internet speed you have, the better will be the video quality and the overall viewing experience. If you go by the guidelines provided by Netflix, then you need to have a 0.5Mbps Internet connection to just access the content on the site. But, they go further to say that they recommend speeds of 1Mbps or higher. Both of these requirements will be able to bring standard definition content to you. However, if you wish to get better picture quality, then you have to amp up the speed. For DVD quality, you want speeds of 3Mbps, and for HD videos, the recommended speed is 5Mbps. There is a super HD quality too, and to access content in that section you will need speeds of 7Mbps and more.

If you are a cord-cutter, then you have no other option than to subscribe to streaming services. Commonly, cord-cutters subscribe to more than one streaming service. Not only this, family members in one household usually use multiple streams to watch their very own brand of entertainment.

In this case, where multiple devices are using the same Internet connection, the need for Internet speed goes up. So, now you need higher speeds to cater to four different members of the family. If the number of people connected to the Internet connection goes up, so do the speed requirements.

Play Online Video Games

Online video games have become a rage today. They are bigger than they were a few years ago. With so many consoles offering online gameplay, the need for high-speed Internet connections has gone up. For an online video game, you need higher speeds to get a better picture quality and also to remain connected to the centralized network.

Games have evolved a lot lately and a good picture quality is a necessity to get the full experience. When you are playing with other gamers online, you also want a connection that offers least downtime, so that you do not have to sit with a frozen screen in the middle of a high-intensity game play.

So, if you are an ardent online gamer, you need to have an Internet connection that offers you speeds of 1 to 4 Mbps. These speeds are enough to get you an uninterrupted and complete gaming experience.

Downloading Content and Cloud Computing

If you regularly download content from the Internet like movies and seasons of TV shows, or use cloud computing, then you probably fall in the bracket of users that need the highest Internet speeds. Hefty Internet use like this requires downloading speeds of about 50Mbps and upload speeds in the range of 25Mbps.

While DSL networks can provide for the speed requirements of most of the other activities, it is not an ideal solution for hefty users. You have the option of going for cable Internet connection or a fiber-optic network. If you are a heavy Internet user, make sure that you never sign up for a capped plan. Always go for an unlimited plan, so you do not have to fear breaching the data limits.

You probably indulge in more than one of the activities listed above. This means that you need to add up the kind of speeds you need depending on the various activities you indulge in. This will help you to objectively identify how much Internet speed you need and sign up for a plan that offers you the best value for your money.