Five Tricks to Know For Your Apple TV


Apple TV is one of the newest and currently expanding streaming services available for modern users. Apple TV is similar to devices such as Roku or Amazon Fire; it offers viewers its own movies and TV shows for streaming in addition to acting as a platform for other streaming services such as Netflix.

One of the unique benefits of Apple TV is that it has recently been securing special contracts that allow users to pay a monthly subscription fee in order to access channels that were previously only available with full cable subscriptions.

If you’ve already jumped on the Apple TV game, take a look at the following tricks and tips that will enhance your Apple TV experience.

You can use your iPhone to control Apple TV

The Apple TV remote control has been consistently criticized since the service first launched, and the current Apple TV remote is no better than the first. Thankfully, you don’t have to stick with that clunky stick–instead, download the free Apple TV Remote app for your iPhone or iPad. You can control the Apple TV service with ease, and you won’t have to


Plug in your Ethernet for a better viewing experience

Wireless works perfectly fine with Apple TV for most users, but if you’re in a household where there are multiple people using wireless internet at the same time, things can be a bit slow. Buffering, freezing, and loading times can occur if your wireless internet isn’t fast enough, or if it’s being bogged down by too many internet users. For a much faster viewing experience, plug in an Ethernet line to your Apple TV box! This will speed things up and almost completely eliminate the need for buffering and longer loading times.

You can add certain premium subscriptions to your Apple TV for free

If you have regular cable in addition to your Apple TV, then you’re in luck! You can add certain “on the go” subscriptions to premium channels–such as HBO, ESPN, and Showtime–using your Apple TV for no extra charge. However, you must be subscribing to these channels through your regular cable provider in order to get the “on the go” versions for free—otherwise you will have to pay the premium subscription fees.

You can sync your photos for easy TV display

This trick is simple but fun: simply sync up your iPhone with the Apple TV and you can display your photos on the TV screen for everyone to see!


Don’t be afraid to check multiple services for your favorite movies or TV shows

Every streaming service has a different catalog, so if you can’t find your favorite movies or TV shows on one service, don’t be afraid to ‘shop around’ on your Apple TV’s apps until you find what you want. Some services, such as Netflix, have rotating catalogs, so make sure to keep an eye out for what shows or movies might be “expiring” and need to be watched before they are removed from the service