The Facts of Life TV Series

factsoflifeI miss the 80’s sometimes.  I miss that most TV shows during this time had theme songs with actual lyrics.  They were fun and fast and entertaining.  Some even had a run on the Top 40 Pop Charts.  Not all were record setters, however, but they all had to be catchy and light-hearted.

The Facts of Life had that type of theme song.  I can hear it in my head whenever I happen to think about the show.  That’s not often but it makes me smile when it happens.  It doesn’t seem like much of guy show since it took place at an all female boarding school in New York State but I had to kind of watch what my older sister was watching and once we got into it, we always seemed to watch it when it was on.


The characters were well defined on The Facts of Life.  A spin-off of the highly successful Diff’rent Strokes, they had to have some solid tie to that show so they had it feature Mrs. Garret, the housekeeper from there.  She became the housemother of a dormitory of a private girl’s school.  The show centered around several of the girls living there and over the course of 9 seasons and 209 episodes, many different stories and characters were featured.

The main girls featured for much of its run were Blair, the stuck up rich girl, Jo, the tomboy tough one, Natalie, the chubby heavy set girl with a sweet personality and Tootie, played by Kim Fields.  The latter’s character was also seen in more episodes of Diff-rent Strokes than the other girls.  I liked that cross over with the other show.  It was exciting when they all appeared in different episodes.


Juggling that many characters and plotlines was difficult at first and after the first season, they cut most of the other girls down until we got those four main ones.  And Mrs. Garrett of course.  She was backbone of the show, the wise old mother that kept everyone in line and listened to them when they needed to vent or gave them advice when they needed that. Click right here for information about getting cable television so you can watch reruns of this great show.