Everything You Need To Know About Jeremih

Jeremih was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1987. He performed tunes since he was just a small child and had the capability of playing drums, guitar, bass, squad and saxophone. He explained singing was just not a leisure activity, however, it was his way of life.

“I wouldn’t say I was forced into music, but while other kids were getting video games and toys for Christmas, I was given musical instruments. Mom worked hard to make sure I had all the tools available to develop a talent she saw in me even then. Within no time I had all the essentials of a band,” he said upon remembering his youth and reflecting about how he was introduced to instruments by his mom.
Although he lacked any qualified coach who could train him the ways of being a musician, Jeremih developed a stunning vocal potential. “I listened to the radio and I learned to play by ear. I tried to take classes but the teacher would always yell at me because I wouldn’t read the music. I would close my eyes and feel it and that’s how I taught myself,” he explained about how he had begun to develop his musical skills.
Jeremih wasn’t only a tremendous artist, but in addition he was also a scholar, having an outstanding educational track record. He skipped his junior season and finished high school, graduating when he was only 16. The future was bright for young Jeremih with so much going for him from different sides of life.

Jeremih-acapella He shared one of his most meaningful experiences which became one of the biggest stepping stones leading him to the music industry; “I was set to perform in a talent show where I had to be Stevie Wonder. Being that his music has had such a strong influence on me, I knew I had to kill it, sort of as a tribute to Stevie.”
When Jeremih was studying at Columbia College he hit homemade facilities with developer Mick Schultz and recorded a demo with him. Their initial tune obtaining radio airplay was entitled “My Ride” which in turn was played in the radio’s regular rotation. In the month of February of 2009, Jeremih traveled to New York to highlight his expertise before Island Def Jam President L.A. Reid and govt. second in command of A&R Karen Kwak. Right after finishing his performance, he was promptly signed with the giant recording corporation.
Jeremih then labored for his debut recording Jeremih. Getting back together with his longtime buddy Mike Schultz, he dropped the album in the United States on June 30, 2009. The lead single through the album was “Birthday Sex” which actually peaked at number four on Billboard Hot 100 and secured the most notable spot on Billboard Hot Hip-Hop/R&B Tunes chart.jeremih-video-birthday From his childhood he had a great thirst for music. The music was in his blood. The tunes were in his heart. The fine tunes and melodies had a great effect all over his life. His addiction in music eventually peaked at such a level he felt he had discovered the true meaning of life. Hard labor, addiction, love, and passion for music made him one of the glowing stars in the sky of music.  Find more great entertainment options at www.tvdonewright.com.