What is the Best TV Streaming Service?

TV and movie streaming services have become mainstream now. They are no longer an entertainment supplement that you can have, in addition to the regular cable connection. TV streaming services have now become a primary source of entertainment in many homes. The number of cord-cutters is growing rapidly and rightfully so. Streaming services provide consumers complete control of their entertainment, and without requiring them to shell out big bucks for it. 2016 is only fgoing to see an expansion in the number of cord cutters. If you are also toying with the idea of completely letting go of your cable connection, then here are a few go-to services. Compare and pick!


Best streaming on netflix

Any list about streaming services cannot be complete without the mention of Netflix. This is one of the first names that come to most people’s minds, when they are thinking about streaming services. Thanks to years of trial and error, Netflix has now found the ideal interface and recommendation system that keeps its users coming back for more. It is effortless and simple to navigate through thousands of movie titles and TV shows. The selection of movies on Netflix is indeed impressive, and the latest content is regularly updated. The television shows from major networks are also available to the users, but they are mostly updated once the season ends on the cable.

Then there is the original programming that viewers can watch only on Netflix. The company has actually invested heavily into it. The results of this have been remarkable so far, as a lot of these original programming have been a huge hit, such as House of Cards, Bloodline, and so on. This has encouraged Netflix to produce more such content.

Since, Netflix is one of the first players in the market, it is now available on virtually all devices. So, irrespective of the device you are using, you will be able to access Netflix. As far as the subscription fee is concerned, there has been some changes recently. There are three packages on offer from Netflix. The price of the standard package has been increased by a dollar to $9.99 from $8.99. There is also a 30-day free trial that allows subscribers to test the service before they get onboard.

Amazon Prime Instant Video

Streaming best amazon instant video

With the recent increase in the prices of Netflix subscription, the equivalent service from Amazon, Amazon Prime Instant Video, has actually become more affordable. There are two options available to the users – annual subscription and monthly subscription. Earlier, Amazon Prime Instant Video came only with an annual subscription. But that is not a problem anymore.

The Amazon Prime Instant Video is available for a $99 annual pack. This comes down to only $8.25 per month, which is cheaper than the Standard Netflix pack. The monthly package is a little pricier with a price tag of $10.99. That’s not all. Amazon Prime Instant Video also comes with the added perks from Amazon. These include a free Kindle book every month, free 2-day shipping from Amazon, and Amazon Music access, among other things. There is also a free trial period on offer, just like Netflix. This is a complete value for money deal, especially if you make online purchases.

The content on Amazon Prime Instant Video should indeed be the primary reason for choosing the service. The company has made sure that the content is its strong suit. Amazon has struck deals with Warner Bros., Viacom, and other such big players to source content from all sides. This has helped in the quick expansion of content library. But, it is yet to reach the Netflix-level. There are a lot of movie titles and shows to keep you entertained. There is a lot of original programming on offer too, which includes the likes of Transparent, Mozart in the Jungle, and so on.

Moreover, Amazon has recently enabled offline download for its streaming service and that is something Netflix does not offer. So, if you are in the middle of watching something, then you can download them on your device and watch it when you find time, even without an active internet connection. This is a blessing for people looking for in-flight entertainment. Like Netflix, Amazon Prime can also be streamed on a variety of devices and is available on almost all app stores.


streaming methods hulu plus live television

This is the service you should subscribe to if you are a huge fan of TV shows. Hulu is the best service when it comes to watching television series. If you have already subscribed to any other streaming service, you might have noticed that television shows are not regularly updated on them. They are usually made available after the season has finished airing on the cable. Some shows even tend to be updated a year or so later. However, with Hulu, you can expect the television shows to be updated almost instantly after they have been aired. How? Ask its promoters, who just happen to be media giants like Fox, NBC, and Disney-ABC. This factor makes it a great option to opt for after cutting the cord.

Now, Hulu was initially introduced as a free streaming service, which it still is. But, there is very limited content available on it. There is a paid alternative, Hulu Plus that comes at a small subscription fee of $7.99. One of the biggest arguments made against subscribing to Hulu are that the service is interspersed with ads. This is not only true for the free Hulu service, but for the paid Hulu Plus as well.

However, Hulu has introduced another tier in its service, which will cost the users $11.99. This one is a completely ad-free service, but there will be some ads before and after some shows like New Girl and Scandal.