Your Internet Usage Affects Your Choice of Internet Service Provider


The Internet has so much to offer. You can watch your TV entertainment, connect with your friends, and even study online. There is so much to do and it all comes down to the kind of Internet you have. There are certain online activities that do not require high Internet speeds, and not so much for others.

What you do online should be the deciding factor in choosing the right Internet connection. Let’s find out what you should look for in your Internet service provider depending on your online behavior.

Web Surfing and Emails Only

If you primarily indulge in these two activities, then you are a light Internet user. You do not need high speed Internet connections because you will never use the high bandwidth available to you. Do not waste your money there. Instead, go for a DSL connection that will give you speeds of up to 25 Mbps, which is more than enough for you. Look for plans that offer 10 to 20 GB data per month.

Paying for unlimited plans is again a waste of money for a light Internet user like you. One factor that you do have to consider here is the number of devices that will be connected to that one Internet connection. Make sure that all the devices are using the Internet for light surfing otherwise you may go over your data cap and incur extra charges.

Using Online Social Networks

Social Networks are hugely popular today. From posting pictures to uploading videos, you will engage in everything when it comes to social media. To visit such websites, or any other pages that have interactive content, you will need speeds of at least 1Mbps. These are just browsing speeds.

When finalizing an Internet service provider, do ask them about the upload speeds they offer. Usually Internet service providers focus the download speeds more, but in case of social networking, you will want better upload speeds as well.

Music Streaming

Music streaming is not as hefty as video streaming. If you stream music regularly, all you need is an Internet service provider that can offer you 1-2Mbps speeds. If you are streaming on mobile, you may need a little higher Internet speed to get the same kind of quality of music.


Streaming Videos Online

Now, we are entering the domain of heavy data usage. The higher the Internet speed you have, the better will be the video quality and the overall viewing experience. If you go by the guidelines provided by Netflix, then you need to have a 0.5Mbps Internet connection to just access the content on the site. But, they go further to say that they recommend speeds of 1Mbps or higher. Both of these requirements will be able to bring standard definition content to you. However, if you wish to get better picture quality, then you have to amp up the speed. For DVD quality, you want speeds of 3Mbps, and for HD videos, the recommended speed is 5Mbps. There is a super HD quality too, and to access content in that section you will need speeds of 7Mbps and more.

If you are a cord-cutter, then you have no other option than to subscribe to streaming services. Commonly, cord-cutters subscribe to more than one streaming service. Not only this, family members in one household usually use multiple streams to watch their very own brand of entertainment.

In this case, where multiple devices are using the same Internet connection, the need for Internet speed goes up. So, now you need higher speeds to cater to four different members of the family. If the number of people connected to the Internet connection goes up, so do the speed requirements.

Play Online Video Games

Online video games have become a rage today. They are bigger than they were a few years ago. With so many consoles offering online gameplay, the need for high-speed Internet connections has gone up. For an online video game, you need higher speeds to get a better picture quality and also to remain connected to the centralized network.

Games have evolved a lot lately and a good picture quality is a necessity to get the full experience. When you are playing with other gamers online, you also want a connection that offers least downtime, so that you do not have to sit with a frozen screen in the middle of a high-intensity game play.

So, if you are an ardent online gamer, you need to have an Internet connection that offers you speeds of 1 to 4 Mbps. These speeds are enough to get you an uninterrupted and complete gaming experience.

Downloading Content and Cloud Computing

If you regularly download content from the Internet like movies and seasons of TV shows, or use cloud computing, then you probably fall in the bracket of users that need the highest Internet speeds. Hefty Internet use like this requires downloading speeds of about 50Mbps and upload speeds in the range of 25Mbps.

While DSL networks can provide for the speed requirements of most of the other activities, it is not an ideal solution for hefty users. You have the option of going for cable Internet connection or a fiber-optic network. If you are a heavy Internet user, make sure that you never sign up for a capped plan. Always go for an unlimited plan, so you do not have to fear breaching the data limits.

You probably indulge in more than one of the activities listed above. This means that you need to add up the kind of speeds you need depending on the various activities you indulge in. This will help you to objectively identify how much Internet speed you need and sign up for a plan that offers you the best value for your money.

What is the Best TV Streaming Service?

TV and movie streaming services have become mainstream now. They are no longer an entertainment supplement that you can have, in addition to the regular cable connection. TV streaming services have now become a primary source of entertainment in many homes. The number of cord-cutters is growing rapidly and rightfully so. Streaming services provide consumers complete control of their entertainment, and without requiring them to shell out big bucks for it. 2016 is only fgoing to see an expansion in the number of cord cutters. If you are also toying with the idea of completely letting go of your cable connection, then here are a few go-to services. Compare and pick!


Best streaming on netflix

Any list about streaming services cannot be complete without the mention of Netflix. This is one of the first names that come to most people’s minds, when they are thinking about streaming services. Thanks to years of trial and error, Netflix has now found the ideal interface and recommendation system that keeps its users coming back for more. It is effortless and simple to navigate through thousands of movie titles and TV shows. The selection of movies on Netflix is indeed impressive, and the latest content is regularly updated. The television shows from major networks are also available to the users, but they are mostly updated once the season ends on the cable.

Then there is the original programming that viewers can watch only on Netflix. The company has actually invested heavily into it. The results of this have been remarkable so far, as a lot of these original programming have been a huge hit, such as House of Cards, Bloodline, and so on. This has encouraged Netflix to produce more such content.

Since, Netflix is one of the first players in the market, it is now available on virtually all devices. So, irrespective of the device you are using, you will be able to access Netflix. As far as the subscription fee is concerned, there has been some changes recently. There are three packages on offer from Netflix. The price of the standard package has been increased by a dollar to $9.99 from $8.99. There is also a 30-day free trial that allows subscribers to test the service before they get onboard.

Amazon Prime Instant Video

Streaming best amazon instant video

With the recent increase in the prices of Netflix subscription, the equivalent service from Amazon, Amazon Prime Instant Video, has actually become more affordable. There are two options available to the users – annual subscription and monthly subscription. Earlier, Amazon Prime Instant Video came only with an annual subscription. But that is not a problem anymore.

The Amazon Prime Instant Video is available for a $99 annual pack. This comes down to only $8.25 per month, which is cheaper than the Standard Netflix pack. The monthly package is a little pricier with a price tag of $10.99. That’s not all. Amazon Prime Instant Video also comes with the added perks from Amazon. These include a free Kindle book every month, free 2-day shipping from Amazon, and Amazon Music access, among other things. There is also a free trial period on offer, just like Netflix. This is a complete value for money deal, especially if you make online purchases.

The content on Amazon Prime Instant Video should indeed be the primary reason for choosing the service. The company has made sure that the content is its strong suit. Amazon has struck deals with Warner Bros., Viacom, and other such big players to source content from all sides. This has helped in the quick expansion of content library. But, it is yet to reach the Netflix-level. There are a lot of movie titles and shows to keep you entertained. There is a lot of original programming on offer too, which includes the likes of Transparent, Mozart in the Jungle, and so on.

Moreover, Amazon has recently enabled offline download for its streaming service and that is something Netflix does not offer. So, if you are in the middle of watching something, then you can download them on your device and watch it when you find time, even without an active internet connection. This is a blessing for people looking for in-flight entertainment. Like Netflix, Amazon Prime can also be streamed on a variety of devices and is available on almost all app stores.


streaming methods hulu plus live television

This is the service you should subscribe to if you are a huge fan of TV shows. Hulu is the best service when it comes to watching television series. If you have already subscribed to any other streaming service, you might have noticed that television shows are not regularly updated on them. They are usually made available after the season has finished airing on the cable. Some shows even tend to be updated a year or so later. However, with Hulu, you can expect the television shows to be updated almost instantly after they have been aired. How? Ask its promoters, who just happen to be media giants like Fox, NBC, and Disney-ABC. This factor makes it a great option to opt for after cutting the cord.

Now, Hulu was initially introduced as a free streaming service, which it still is. But, there is very limited content available on it. There is a paid alternative, Hulu Plus that comes at a small subscription fee of $7.99. One of the biggest arguments made against subscribing to Hulu are that the service is interspersed with ads. This is not only true for the free Hulu service, but for the paid Hulu Plus as well.

However, Hulu has introduced another tier in its service, which will cost the users $11.99. This one is a completely ad-free service, but there will be some ads before and after some shows like New Girl and Scandal. 

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With the hectic day to day goings on that everyone in your family has, it is hard to find time to spend as a family. With Charter TV, you can make time. Between going to work, going to school and finding time for a social life, it seems like the family life gets put on hold. Well not anymore.charter-tv-lake

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Hackers Beware!

Are you worried about the safety of browsing the internet? Worry no more, with Charter Internet Security Suite. Not only does this feature offer protection against hackers, but it protects you from viruses and spyware. Many parents are also concerned about what their children are doing online. Are they sticking to safe websites, or have they gone onto websites that are anything but G-Rated? Charter Internet answers these concerns by introducing parental controls on your computer.

With this feature, you can monitor how much your kids use the internet, as well as what sites they have access to. The parental controls are password protected for their safety, and you can disarm the parental controls by creating your own password. Click here to found out how using the internet has never felt safer, with Charter Broadband!

Crank Callers? What is that?


With Charter Phone services, you have many different features, but none as interesting as the anonymous call rejection feature.  This feature allows you to reject any calls that have an unknown number. Your phone will not even ring! Do you only speak to a handful of people, and want to be left alone by the rest? Now you do not have to be bothered with selective call acceptance.

You can program in up to 12 different numbers that you wish to speak with, any numbers that are not on this list will automatically be rejected. Talk about convenience, Charter Phone is raising the bar on home phone service, and making it easier for you.

The easiest part about this service is the unlimited local and long distance calling plan. Make your calls. Talk to friends and relatives and never worry about your bill again.

Low Cost, High quality? Charter Cable Has It All!

Charter Communications has a variety of bundled packages made to suit you and your family’s needs for a great, competitive low price. With Charter Cable, Bundling, and paying only for what you need, is easy. For details about Charter Cable Package Deals just hop over here.

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