Benefits of DIRECTV Satellite TV


DIRECTV, as we know it, has existed for more than two and a half decades in the American television service scene. During this time, it has seen its ups and downs. But, it has survived through all of that to become one of the leading TV services in the US today. DIRECTV is among the most loved TV services in the country. It has achieved its rightful place in the hearts and minds of American consumers by constantly delivering high quality services and exceeding their expectations in every way it can.

Naturally, it stands apart from its competitors who keep following a reactionary strategy, rather than taking sound initiatives that improve their service delivery. As a customer-centric TV service, DIRECTV boasts of many firsts in the industry, and offers great benefits to its subscribers.

High Quality Visual and Aural Experience

Satellite TV is a far superior technology to cable wires. Everything about cable is obsolete. The very size of the cable restricts the amount of bandwidth it can support, which means that it seriously limits the visual and sound quality you receive on your television. On the other hand, satellite TV does not face any such restrictions and offers a superb TV viewing experience.

This is despite the fact that cable subscriptions cost higher than satellite TV, which simply makes no sense for subscribers. Naturally, more and more TV viewers are making the switch to satellite television than ever before.

Wide Variety of Channels

DIRECTV has an exceptionally wide variety of channels from every possible genre. Whether you want to watch movies, documentaries, dramas, sitcoms, standup comedy, or something else, DIRECTV has the channels for you. It even offers kids’ programming. When it comes to TV entertainment, there is nothing that you cannot get on DIRECTV. You name it, they got it.


DIRECTV Anytime, Anywhere

Perhaps, the biggest benefit of DIRECTV is that subscribers can enjoy their television, wherever they are, whenever they want, on their mobile devices. One of the main pain points of pay TV subscribers has always been the rigid TV schedule. Just because TV channels have their schedule, the viewers cannot always stick to it.

An emergency meeting at the office, a corporate dinner, a date, or something else can easily disrupt anybody’s routine, costing him or her the latest episode of their favorite show. This is the typical story with cable connections. Not with DIRECTV.

DIRECTV offers its viewers the ability to enjoy their TV wherever they are, even using their mobile devices. All they need is an internet connection – a Wi-Fi or a data connection – to access the live content being broadcasted by DIRECTV. Whatever is playing on TV is automatically available on the mobile phones of subscribers too.

Everything from scheduled TV to live sports to on demand is available for watching. This offers an unprecedented level of convenience to the TV viewers. They don’t have to even be at home, or in front of a TV to enjoy their favorite programs anymore. Whether they are travelling, hiking, stuck in traffic, or in any other situation where they do not have access to a TV, they can still enjoy their TV like they used to at home. That’s amazing!

High Quality Everything

With DIRECTV, everything is about high quality. The service offers its subscribers the ability to enjoy their TV in 10 times the resolution as standard programming. It brings them programs in 1080p HD, which is the same resolution as that of Blu-Ray discs. What’s more, the service has nearly 200 channels that are now available in pure high definition.

And when it comes to HD, everything is not about video alone. HD programming has significantly superior sound quality. It’ll make you feel as if the TV events are being played out right in the middle of your living room.

DIRECTV’s commitment to delivering the best TV viewing experience in the industry goes beyond HDTV. It can be seen in the kind of equipment it gives its customers. The satellite dishes that are able to handle the high definition bandwidth are a good example. Another great example is the DIRECTV digital video recorder (DVR).

With this DVR at your disposal, you can watch your favorite programs whenever you want, not when the TV channel thinks you should. Most importantly, the DIRECTV DVR allows you to record a particular show while you are watching other shows. Even better, you can use the DVR to record multiple shows at a time too. This way, nobody in your family will ever have to compromise, because of differences in your entertainment preferences.


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