Benefits of DIRECTV Satellite TV


DIRECTV, as we know it, has existed for more than two and a half decades in the American television service scene. During this time, it has seen its ups and downs. But, it has survived through all of that to become one of the leading TV services in the US today. DIRECTV is among the most loved TV services in the country. It has achieved its rightful place in the hearts and minds of American consumers by constantly delivering high quality services and exceeding their expectations in every way it can.

Naturally, it stands apart from its competitors who keep following a reactionary strategy, rather than taking sound initiatives that improve their service delivery. As a customer-centric TV service, DIRECTV boasts of many firsts in the industry, and offers great benefits to its subscribers.

High Quality Visual and Aural Experience

Satellite TV is a far superior technology to cable wires. Everything about cable is obsolete. The very size of the cable restricts the amount of bandwidth it can support, which means that it seriously limits the visual and sound quality you receive on your television. On the other hand, satellite TV does not face any such restrictions and offers a superb TV viewing experience.

This is despite the fact that cable subscriptions cost higher than satellite TV, which simply makes no sense for subscribers. Naturally, more and more TV viewers are making the switch to satellite television than ever before.

Wide Variety of Channels

DIRECTV has an exceptionally wide variety of channels from every possible genre. Whether you want to watch movies, documentaries, dramas, sitcoms, standup comedy, or something else, DIRECTV has the channels for you. It even offers kids’ programming. When it comes to TV entertainment, there is nothing that you cannot get on DIRECTV. You name it, they got it.


DIRECTV Anytime, Anywhere

Perhaps, the biggest benefit of DIRECTV is that subscribers can enjoy their television, wherever they are, whenever they want, on their mobile devices. One of the main pain points of pay TV subscribers has always been the rigid TV schedule. Just because TV channels have their schedule, the viewers cannot always stick to it.

An emergency meeting at the office, a corporate dinner, a date, or something else can easily disrupt anybody’s routine, costing him or her the latest episode of their favorite show. This is the typical story with cable connections. Not with DIRECTV.

DIRECTV offers its viewers the ability to enjoy their TV wherever they are, even using their mobile devices. All they need is an internet connection – a Wi-Fi or a data connection – to access the live content being broadcasted by DIRECTV. Whatever is playing on TV is automatically available on the mobile phones of subscribers too.

Everything from scheduled TV to live sports to on demand is available for watching. This offers an unprecedented level of convenience to the TV viewers. They don’t have to even be at home, or in front of a TV to enjoy their favorite programs anymore. Whether they are travelling, hiking, stuck in traffic, or in any other situation where they do not have access to a TV, they can still enjoy their TV like they used to at home. That’s amazing!

High Quality Everything

With DIRECTV, everything is about high quality. The service offers its subscribers the ability to enjoy their TV in 10 times the resolution as standard programming. It brings them programs in 1080p HD, which is the same resolution as that of Blu-Ray discs. What’s more, the service has nearly 200 channels that are now available in pure high definition.

And when it comes to HD, everything is not about video alone. HD programming has significantly superior sound quality. It’ll make you feel as if the TV events are being played out right in the middle of your living room.

DIRECTV’s commitment to delivering the best TV viewing experience in the industry goes beyond HDTV. It can be seen in the kind of equipment it gives its customers. The satellite dishes that are able to handle the high definition bandwidth are a good example. Another great example is the DIRECTV digital video recorder (DVR).

With this DVR at your disposal, you can watch your favorite programs whenever you want, not when the TV channel thinks you should. Most importantly, the DIRECTV DVR allows you to record a particular show while you are watching other shows. Even better, you can use the DVR to record multiple shows at a time too. This way, nobody in your family will ever have to compromise, because of differences in your entertainment preferences.


Your Internet Usage Affects Your Choice of Internet Service Provider


The Internet has so much to offer. You can watch your TV entertainment, connect with your friends, and even study online. There is so much to do and it all comes down to the kind of Internet you have. There are certain online activities that do not require high Internet speeds, and not so much for others.

What you do online should be the deciding factor in choosing the right Internet connection. Let’s find out what you should look for in your Internet service provider depending on your online behavior.

Web Surfing and Emails Only

If you primarily indulge in these two activities, then you are a light Internet user. You do not need high speed Internet connections because you will never use the high bandwidth available to you. Do not waste your money there. Instead, go for a DSL connection that will give you speeds of up to 25 Mbps, which is more than enough for you. Look for plans that offer 10 to 20 GB data per month.

Paying for unlimited plans is again a waste of money for a light Internet user like you. One factor that you do have to consider here is the number of devices that will be connected to that one Internet connection. Make sure that all the devices are using the Internet for light surfing otherwise you may go over your data cap and incur extra charges.

Using Online Social Networks

Social Networks are hugely popular today. From posting pictures to uploading videos, you will engage in everything when it comes to social media. To visit such websites, or any other pages that have interactive content, you will need speeds of at least 1Mbps. These are just browsing speeds.

When finalizing an Internet service provider, do ask them about the upload speeds they offer. Usually Internet service providers focus the download speeds more, but in case of social networking, you will want better upload speeds as well.

Music Streaming

Music streaming is not as hefty as video streaming. If you stream music regularly, all you need is an Internet service provider that can offer you 1-2Mbps speeds. If you are streaming on mobile, you may need a little higher Internet speed to get the same kind of quality of music.


Streaming Videos Online

Now, we are entering the domain of heavy data usage. The higher the Internet speed you have, the better will be the video quality and the overall viewing experience. If you go by the guidelines provided by Netflix, then you need to have a 0.5Mbps Internet connection to just access the content on the site. But, they go further to say that they recommend speeds of 1Mbps or higher. Both of these requirements will be able to bring standard definition content to you. However, if you wish to get better picture quality, then you have to amp up the speed. For DVD quality, you want speeds of 3Mbps, and for HD videos, the recommended speed is 5Mbps. There is a super HD quality too, and to access content in that section you will need speeds of 7Mbps and more.

If you are a cord-cutter, then you have no other option than to subscribe to streaming services. Commonly, cord-cutters subscribe to more than one streaming service. Not only this, family members in one household usually use multiple streams to watch their very own brand of entertainment.

In this case, where multiple devices are using the same Internet connection, the need for Internet speed goes up. So, now you need higher speeds to cater to four different members of the family. If the number of people connected to the Internet connection goes up, so do the speed requirements.

Play Online Video Games

Online video games have become a rage today. They are bigger than they were a few years ago. With so many consoles offering online gameplay, the need for high-speed Internet connections has gone up. For an online video game, you need higher speeds to get a better picture quality and also to remain connected to the centralized network.

Games have evolved a lot lately and a good picture quality is a necessity to get the full experience. When you are playing with other gamers online, you also want a connection that offers least downtime, so that you do not have to sit with a frozen screen in the middle of a high-intensity game play.

So, if you are an ardent online gamer, you need to have an Internet connection that offers you speeds of 1 to 4 Mbps. These speeds are enough to get you an uninterrupted and complete gaming experience.

Downloading Content and Cloud Computing

If you regularly download content from the Internet like movies and seasons of TV shows, or use cloud computing, then you probably fall in the bracket of users that need the highest Internet speeds. Hefty Internet use like this requires downloading speeds of about 50Mbps and upload speeds in the range of 25Mbps.

While DSL networks can provide for the speed requirements of most of the other activities, it is not an ideal solution for hefty users. You have the option of going for cable Internet connection or a fiber-optic network. If you are a heavy Internet user, make sure that you never sign up for a capped plan. Always go for an unlimited plan, so you do not have to fear breaching the data limits.

You probably indulge in more than one of the activities listed above. This means that you need to add up the kind of speeds you need depending on the various activities you indulge in. This will help you to objectively identify how much Internet speed you need and sign up for a plan that offers you the best value for your money.

What is the Best TV Streaming Service?

TV and movie streaming services have become mainstream now. They are no longer an entertainment supplement that you can have, in addition to the regular cable connection. TV streaming services have now become a primary source of entertainment in many homes. The number of cord-cutters is growing rapidly and rightfully so. Streaming services provide consumers complete control of their entertainment, and without requiring them to shell out big bucks for it. 2016 is only fgoing to see an expansion in the number of cord cutters. If you are also toying with the idea of completely letting go of your cable connection, then here are a few go-to services. Compare and pick!


Best streaming on netflix

Any list about streaming services cannot be complete without the mention of Netflix. This is one of the first names that come to most people’s minds, when they are thinking about streaming services. Thanks to years of trial and error, Netflix has now found the ideal interface and recommendation system that keeps its users coming back for more. It is effortless and simple to navigate through thousands of movie titles and TV shows. The selection of movies on Netflix is indeed impressive, and the latest content is regularly updated. The television shows from major networks are also available to the users, but they are mostly updated once the season ends on the cable.

Then there is the original programming that viewers can watch only on Netflix. The company has actually invested heavily into it. The results of this have been remarkable so far, as a lot of these original programming have been a huge hit, such as House of Cards, Bloodline, and so on. This has encouraged Netflix to produce more such content.

Since, Netflix is one of the first players in the market, it is now available on virtually all devices. So, irrespective of the device you are using, you will be able to access Netflix. As far as the subscription fee is concerned, there has been some changes recently. There are three packages on offer from Netflix. The price of the standard package has been increased by a dollar to $9.99 from $8.99. There is also a 30-day free trial that allows subscribers to test the service before they get onboard.

Amazon Prime Instant Video

Streaming best amazon instant video

With the recent increase in the prices of Netflix subscription, the equivalent service from Amazon, Amazon Prime Instant Video, has actually become more affordable. There are two options available to the users – annual subscription and monthly subscription. Earlier, Amazon Prime Instant Video came only with an annual subscription. But that is not a problem anymore.

The Amazon Prime Instant Video is available for a $99 annual pack. This comes down to only $8.25 per month, which is cheaper than the Standard Netflix pack. The monthly package is a little pricier with a price tag of $10.99. That’s not all. Amazon Prime Instant Video also comes with the added perks from Amazon. These include a free Kindle book every month, free 2-day shipping from Amazon, and Amazon Music access, among other things. There is also a free trial period on offer, just like Netflix. This is a complete value for money deal, especially if you make online purchases.

The content on Amazon Prime Instant Video should indeed be the primary reason for choosing the service. The company has made sure that the content is its strong suit. Amazon has struck deals with Warner Bros., Viacom, and other such big players to source content from all sides. This has helped in the quick expansion of content library. But, it is yet to reach the Netflix-level. There are a lot of movie titles and shows to keep you entertained. There is a lot of original programming on offer too, which includes the likes of Transparent, Mozart in the Jungle, and so on.

Moreover, Amazon has recently enabled offline download for its streaming service and that is something Netflix does not offer. So, if you are in the middle of watching something, then you can download them on your device and watch it when you find time, even without an active internet connection. This is a blessing for people looking for in-flight entertainment. Like Netflix, Amazon Prime can also be streamed on a variety of devices and is available on almost all app stores.


streaming methods hulu plus live television

This is the service you should subscribe to if you are a huge fan of TV shows. Hulu is the best service when it comes to watching television series. If you have already subscribed to any other streaming service, you might have noticed that television shows are not regularly updated on them. They are usually made available after the season has finished airing on the cable. Some shows even tend to be updated a year or so later. However, with Hulu, you can expect the television shows to be updated almost instantly after they have been aired. How? Ask its promoters, who just happen to be media giants like Fox, NBC, and Disney-ABC. This factor makes it a great option to opt for after cutting the cord.

Now, Hulu was initially introduced as a free streaming service, which it still is. But, there is very limited content available on it. There is a paid alternative, Hulu Plus that comes at a small subscription fee of $7.99. One of the biggest arguments made against subscribing to Hulu are that the service is interspersed with ads. This is not only true for the free Hulu service, but for the paid Hulu Plus as well.

However, Hulu has introduced another tier in its service, which will cost the users $11.99. This one is a completely ad-free service, but there will be some ads before and after some shows like New Girl and Scandal. 

The Strain captures Guillermo Del Toro’s darkest secrets

The Strain is a Vampire horror and drama American television series created by Chuck Hogan and Guillermo del Toro. The series premiered on FX in July, 2014. It is based on the novel trilogy of the same name written by the creators of the show. Chuk and Guillermo are also the executive producers of the show, along with Carlton Cuse, Gary Ungar, J. Miles Dale, Regina Corrado, Bradley Thompson and David Weddle.

The Strain features many horror scenes
The Strain features many horror scenes

So far, two seasons of The Strain TV Series have been aired, totaling to 26 episodes. The first season was released in July, 2014 and the second season came out in July, 2015. The show was renewed for the third season on 7th August, 2015. The pilot episode of the show was 70 minutes long, while all other episodes have a runtime length of 39 to 44 minutes.


Richard Sammel is Thomas Eichorst
Richard Sammel is Thomas Eichorst

The main cast of the show include Corey Stoll (Dr. Ephraim Goodweather), Mia Maestero (Dr. Nora Martinez), Miguel Gomez (Augustin Elizalde), David Bradley (Professor Abraham Setrakian), Ruta Gedmintas (Dutch Velders), Natalie Brown (Kelly Goodweather), Jonathan Hyde (Eldritch Palmer), Kevin Durand (Vasiliy Fet), Sean Astin (Jim Kent), Richard Samuel (Thomas Eichhorst), and Rupert Penry-Jones (Mr. Quinlan). The recurring characters list includes Coco Marchand, Diane, Curtis Fitzwilliam, Alonso Creem, Joan Luss, Aanya Gupta, and many more.


Ruta Gedmidas as Dutch Veldres
Ruta Gedmidas as Dutch Veldres

The idea of making The Strain a television series was first brought up by Del Toro in the year 2006. From the time of its inception, Toro wanted it to be a horror series. On the other hand, Fox Broadcasting Company wanted to make it a comedy series. Hence the negotiations broke down and it would be years before the show came to be. Later, Toro asked Hogan’s help in co-writing the series as a novel. Eventually, a deal was struck between the two to publish it as a series of books. The first book was published in the year 2009, followed by the second and third book, which were published in the years 2010 and 2011, respectively.

After the release of the books, the authors got many offers for converting it into films or television series. In the end, the creators went with FX for the production of a TV series, based on the novel trilogy. FX made an announcement in November, 2013 that the first season will premiere in July 2014. The creators of the show also announced that they have planned a five-season structure for the series. While the first two seasons have 13 episodes each, the remaining three are set to air 10 episodes per season.

Jonathan Hyde plays Eldritch Palmer
Jonathan Hyde plays Eldritch Palmer


The beginning season of the series received a general positive response from the critics. It received a score of 72/100 based on the 38 reviews on Metacritic. On Rotten Tomatoes, it got a rating of 87% with an average score of 7.4/10. The second season got a somewhat similar response as the first season. It got a score of 66/100 on Metacritic, based on 8 reviews and a rating of 79% with 7.2/10 score on Rotten Tomatoes. The audiences too have given a good response to the show. When you get one of these Dish Network Packages, you will be able to keep up with all the exciting episodes of The Strain. When you get one of these Dish Network Packages, you will be able to keep up with all the exciting episodes of The Strain.

Mía Maestro as Nora Martinez
Mía Maestro as Nora Martinez

NCIS Los Angeles TV Series

Crime, its investigation and the final cracking of the case, with criminals being apprehended at the end, make the perfect elements for a TV serial that would keep the viewers totally intrigued. The American TV show NCIS Los Angeles fits this bill completely. The seventh season of this series premiered on September 21, 2015. The military drama was first aired in 2009 by the name of NCIS on CBS.

From the 'NCIS Los Angeles Don't Mess With Santa'
From the ‘NCIS Los Angeles Don’t Mess With Santa’

NCIS Los Angeles is based on the activities of the agents of Naval Criminal Investigation Services (NCIS). It is a completely fictional show and follows the escapades of the officials of the Office of Special Projects (OSP), a special secret division of the NCIS, based in Los Angeles. These hardcore criminal investigators have complete expertise in conducting an undercover investigation of criminal cases that are tough to crack.

The NCIS Los Angeles team has all the latest technology and weapons and do whatever needs to be done to apprehend those elements who are a threat to the security of the nation. The creator of the show is Shane Brennan and the show has a large main cast as well as recurring cast.

Eric Christian Olsen is 'Marty Deeks'
Eric Christian Olsen is ‘Marty Deeks’

The most important members of OSP are G. Callen and Sam Hanna. They are partners, and both have been shown to be street kids who have gradually reached this position in the NCIS. Daniela Ruah is Special Agent Kensi Blye, a forensic and firearms expert. She is also the girlfriend and partner of Detective Marty Deeks played by Eric Christian Olsen. Linda Hunt is Special Agent Henrietta Lange. She is the officer in-charge at OSP. It is Henrietta who is the Operations Manager of this clandestine organization. Miguel Ferrer plays the part of Special Agent Owen Granger, who is the Assistant Director of NCIS. Barrett Foa is Eric Beale, who functions as a technician in NCIS. The character of Nell Jones is enacted by Renee Felice Smith. Nell’s partner is Eric. He is much favored by Hetty. He works with the NCIS team in the capacity of an Intelligence Analyst.

With many twists and turns in each episode, the NCIS, Los Angeles OSP team fights the worst of the law breakers and the offenders. The Los Angeles Times called the show “intriguing” and “multifaceted”. The show, like its predecessors, has the team as its focus, which is a nice mix of people, with varied personalities.

Daniela Ruah is 'Kensi Blye'
Daniela Ruah is ‘Kensi Blye’

The show has been executive produced by Shane Brennan as well. The show has been popular among young audiences and has the cast and the show itself has won multiple Teen Choice Awards across the years.

There are negative reviews for the show as well, terming it as just ”another above average entry” and that ”it all adds up to an hour of decent entertainment, and there’s enough room for character development..” Though the popularity of the show has also gone down, yet there is no doubt that those who love action will continue to be glued to their seats while watching this action drama. When you sign up for one of these Charter Cable Packages you will never miss an episode of NCIS Los Angeles.

Chris O'Donnell is 'G. Callen' in NCIS LAChris O'Donnell is 'G. Callen' in NCIS LA
Chris O’Donnell is ‘G. Callen’ in NCIS LA

Five Tricks to Know For Your Apple TV


Apple TV is one of the newest and currently expanding streaming services available for modern users. Apple TV is similar to devices such as Roku or Amazon Fire; it offers viewers its own movies and TV shows for streaming in addition to acting as a platform for other streaming services such as Netflix.

One of the unique benefits of Apple TV is that it has recently been securing special contracts that allow users to pay a monthly subscription fee in order to access channels that were previously only available with full cable subscriptions.

If you’ve already jumped on the Apple TV game, take a look at the following tricks and tips that will enhance your Apple TV experience.

You can use your iPhone to control Apple TV

The Apple TV remote control has been consistently criticized since the service first launched, and the current Apple TV remote is no better than the first. Thankfully, you don’t have to stick with that clunky stick–instead, download the free Apple TV Remote app for your iPhone or iPad. You can control the Apple TV service with ease, and you won’t have to


Plug in your Ethernet for a better viewing experience

Wireless works perfectly fine with Apple TV for most users, but if you’re in a household where there are multiple people using wireless internet at the same time, things can be a bit slow. Buffering, freezing, and loading times can occur if your wireless internet isn’t fast enough, or if it’s being bogged down by too many internet users. For a much faster viewing experience, plug in an Ethernet line to your Apple TV box! This will speed things up and almost completely eliminate the need for buffering and longer loading times.

You can add certain premium subscriptions to your Apple TV for free

If you have regular cable in addition to your Apple TV, then you’re in luck! You can add certain “on the go” subscriptions to premium channels–such as HBO, ESPN, and Showtime–using your Apple TV for no extra charge. However, you must be subscribing to these channels through your regular cable provider in order to get the “on the go” versions for free—otherwise you will have to pay the premium subscription fees.

You can sync your photos for easy TV display

This trick is simple but fun: simply sync up your iPhone with the Apple TV and you can display your photos on the TV screen for everyone to see!


Don’t be afraid to check multiple services for your favorite movies or TV shows

Every streaming service has a different catalog, so if you can’t find your favorite movies or TV shows on one service, don’t be afraid to ‘shop around’ on your Apple TV’s apps until you find what you want. Some services, such as Netflix, have rotating catalogs, so make sure to keep an eye out for what shows or movies might be “expiring” and need to be watched before they are removed from the service

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie

Lovingly dubbed “Brangelina” by fans, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have been one of the hottest couples in Hollywood since their relationship was first speculated in 2005. About a decade ago when Brad Pitt left his then-wife, Jennifer Aniston, people quickly began speculating that him and Jolie were in a relationship. First, it was thought to be wishful thinking after fans raved about the couple’s chemistry when they played husband and wife in Mr. & Mrs. Smith. It wasn’t until a picture was snapped of Pitt and Jolie on a three-day getaway that there relationship was confirmed.


Even after the photo surfaced, the couple denied their relationship, and Angelina insisted that nothing had happened between them, especially while Pitt was married to Aniston. Angelina went as far as saying that her mother had suffered from infidelity, and she would never put someone through that.

While it’s still unknown when exactly their relationship started, Brangelina will be celebrating their first wedding anniversary in August of this year. The couple was engaged for many years before finally tying the knot in a secret French ceremony last year. All six children were present and got to decorate Jolie’s veil.

Now 39, Jolie admitted in a recent interview that raising all of the kids was hard. She said that her and Pitt (51) work hard to make sure they are all connected. Out of their six children, three of them were adopted internationally. Jolie has always been open about her love for charity, and often participates in humanitarian efforts for children around the world. Jolie said recently that her actress salary funds her real love for participating in various organizations and charities.

As far as Pitt’s personal life goes, he said that most of his time is also devoted to keeping their family close. Pictures of the group surface regularly, and they all show what looks to be a happy, close-knit family. In a recent interview, Pitt said he was proud to be a father and said they went to great lengths to make sure the six kids were happy about his relationship with Jolie. While no more kids have been announced, fans are hoping that another one will be added to the mix soon.

angelina bradd

As a couple, it seems with their hidden relationship, long-time hidden engagement, and their secret wedding ceremony last year, Brangelina can keep their private lives private. Unlike most of the Hollywood stars, neither Pitt nor Jolie have been involved in any gossipy scandals, but fans still love to spread rumors.

Some fans who apparently aren’t a fan of the duo have been steadily posting rumors of them planning a divorce, fighting in public, and cheating on each other. While these rumors have been quickly disproved by the various photos of the happy family going out and about, some blogs are still trying.

While in Australia, a few people claimed to catch what appeared to be a serious argument between the couple, with some reports even adding that they were on a vacation at the time trying to save their marriage. But, this juicy gossip was disproved, too, after multiple cameras from actual sources caught Pitt and Jolie looking like newlyweds again at their daughters’ soccer game. It seems the only thing cameras can catch is kisses, hugs, and the two of them holding hands.

There’s really no wonder why the couple is doing so well, after all, they were in a relationship for a decade before they finally made it official. Now, the much-loved duo is set to take their love on the big screen and co-star in the upcoming film, By The Sea. Pitt is set to play Roland, the husband of Vanessa (Jolie). The movie will be a drama film set in the 1970s directed by none other than Jolie herself. The movie already has viewers and fans of Pitt and Jolie lining up, but it won’t release until later this year.brad-pitt-and-angelina-jolie-later-in-marriage

Until it comes time for fans to watch the relationship on the big screen, fans will just have to keep entertaining themselves with the dozens of rumors that seem to be released weekly.

Despite the fact that Jolie and Pitt have been rather quiet about their relationship and everything going on in their personal lives, it appears that they are just as happy as “Brangelina” fans want them to be. And on the rare occasions when Pitt and Jolie do release details with inside interviews, they always start and end on a positive note.

Everything You Need To Know About Jeremih

Jeremih was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1987. He performed tunes since he was just a small child and had the capability of playing drums, guitar, bass, squad and saxophone. He explained singing was just not a leisure activity, however, it was his way of life.

“I wouldn’t say I was forced into music, but while other kids were getting video games and toys for Christmas, I was given musical instruments. Mom worked hard to make sure I had all the tools available to develop a talent she saw in me even then. Within no time I had all the essentials of a band,” he said upon remembering his youth and reflecting about how he was introduced to instruments by his mom.
Although he lacked any qualified coach who could train him the ways of being a musician, Jeremih developed a stunning vocal potential. “I listened to the radio and I learned to play by ear. I tried to take classes but the teacher would always yell at me because I wouldn’t read the music. I would close my eyes and feel it and that’s how I taught myself,” he explained about how he had begun to develop his musical skills.
Jeremih wasn’t only a tremendous artist, but in addition he was also a scholar, having an outstanding educational track record. He skipped his junior season and finished high school, graduating when he was only 16. The future was bright for young Jeremih with so much going for him from different sides of life.

Jeremih-acapella He shared one of his most meaningful experiences which became one of the biggest stepping stones leading him to the music industry; “I was set to perform in a talent show where I had to be Stevie Wonder. Being that his music has had such a strong influence on me, I knew I had to kill it, sort of as a tribute to Stevie.”
When Jeremih was studying at Columbia College he hit homemade facilities with developer Mick Schultz and recorded a demo with him. Their initial tune obtaining radio airplay was entitled “My Ride” which in turn was played in the radio’s regular rotation. In the month of February of 2009, Jeremih traveled to New York to highlight his expertise before Island Def Jam President L.A. Reid and govt. second in command of A&R Karen Kwak. Right after finishing his performance, he was promptly signed with the giant recording corporation.
Jeremih then labored for his debut recording Jeremih. Getting back together with his longtime buddy Mike Schultz, he dropped the album in the United States on June 30, 2009. The lead single through the album was “Birthday Sex” which actually peaked at number four on Billboard Hot 100 and secured the most notable spot on Billboard Hot Hip-Hop/R&B Tunes chart.jeremih-video-birthday From his childhood he had a great thirst for music. The music was in his blood. The tunes were in his heart. The fine tunes and melodies had a great effect all over his life. His addiction in music eventually peaked at such a level he felt he had discovered the true meaning of life. Hard labor, addiction, love, and passion for music made him one of the glowing stars in the sky of music.  Find more great entertainment options at

Once Upon a Time Spoiler Spill: Victoria Smurfit to Join the Show







Once Upon a Time usually likes to keep their spoilers under wraps, especially when it comes to what they have planned for future episodes. But Victoria Smurfit recently revealed two things on Twitter (before hastily deleting, of course!) that the writers of the show probably wanted to keep under wraps for at least a little while longer: not only is the actress joining the show in season 4, but she will be playing Cruella de Vil! The show’s writers hinted that there would be a new villain in the second half of season 4, and it seems that the villain will be none other than the animal-hating, cruelty-loving Cruella.

Victoria Smurfit may be familiar to viewers who watched the ill-fated NBC series, Dracula. She played a mysterious and talented vampire hunter who fell in love, unknowingly, with Dracula and was ultimately killed by him. And given her ‘Dracula’ character’s spiky nature, Smurfit may be just the perfect fit for Cruella.

Although we do know who she is playing, the writers of Once Upon a Time have not yet revealed what connection—if any—Cruella may have to the current residents of Storybrooke. Given past precedent on the show, however, it’s more than likely that she will have a connection to either the Charmings, Regina, or Rumpelstiltskin. Some fan theories have suggested that perhaps Cruella will be the “other” aunt of Elsa and Anna, who disappeared during their parent’s childhood. This does seem plausible, although Once Upon a Time does not usually like to drag its story arcs past a half season, and making Cruella the “other” sister might require Elsa and Anna to stick around for longer.

Other theories created by fans are suggesting that Cruella may be a vindictive and power-hungry seamstress who will do anything it takes to get that “perfect” material for a coat, even if “whatever it takes” means hurting other people. This theory seems plausible at the outset, but it’s unlikely the writers will make a “big bad” have such a simple desire.

Another popular theory was brought up by fans who noticed the fact that Jiminy Cricket has a dog named Pongo in Storybrooke. Although the name was likely just a nod to the Disney film initially, the writers may decide to incorporate Pongo into Cruella’s story or even incorporate Pongo’s owner, Jiminy Cricket, into the fray. Learn more right over here.